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1.Allen, J. Fisk. A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE CULTURE AND TREATMENT OF THE GRAPE VINE. New York, Saxton, 1853, 330pp., cloth (hardback). Spine chipped and rubbed. Good. All manner of growing methods. Valuable letters from growers and illustrations.$50.00
2.Allen, J. Fiske. A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE CULTURE AND TREATMENT OF THE GRAPE VINE. New York, Saxton, 1860, 330pp., cloth (hardback). Stained and faded, conts. foxed. Good. Interesting marketing. 1853 and the 1860 appear to be identical!!!$75.00
3.Anderson, Harry. DISEASES OF FRUIT CROPS. New York, McGraw Hill, 1956, 501pp., cloth (hardback). Very good. Organized by type of seed. Great information. Owner's name.$11.00
4.Arthur, Eric and Dudley Witney. THE BARN A VANISHING LANDMARK IN NORTH AMERICA. New York, Galahad, 1972, 256pp., cloth (dustjacket). Lite wear. Very good. Great photos, commentary and drawings.$10.00
5.Ayres, Quincy. SOIL EROSION AND ITS CONTROL. New York, McGraw Hill, 1936, 365pp., cloth (hardback). Page edges browning. Very good. A great intro even if dated.$10.00
6.Barron, Archibald. VINES AND VINE CULTURE. London, Journal of Horticulture, 1887, 189pp., cloth (hardback). Spine edges rubbed, bright gilt. Very good. Great black and white illustrations of grape bunches. 16 pages of ads are enlightening.$85.00
7.Beal, F. E. L.. BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA IN RELATION TO THE FRUIT INDUSTRY. Washington DC, GPO, 1907, 100pp., paperback. Spine in fragments. Good. Color frontice, also, vol II by Beal, 1910, 96pp with six NICE color plates.$15.00
8.Benner, Samuel. BENNER'S PROPHECIES OF FUTURE UPS AND DOWNS IN PRICES.. Cincinnati, Clarke, 1894, 209pp., cloth (hardback). Head and tail of spine rubbed, edges worn front hinge repair. Good. 9th edition of this early commodities trading guide.$75.00
9.Boserup. Ester. THE CONDITIONS OF AGRICULTURAL GROWTH. Chicago, Aldine, 1973, 124pp., cloth (hardback). Spine faded. Very good. Application of primitive society development to overall agricultural reality.$8.00
10.Bralliar, Floyd. SUTABLILITY OF GRAPES FOR GENERAL CULTURE IN THE STATES OF THE OLD SOUTH. Nashville, Peabody College, 1922, 35pp., paperback. Ex-library, title perf'd. Good. Details of varieties of grapes and their production in Southern states. Fascinating. Great history.. Title page and cover spelling!!$35.00
11.Branch, Diana ED. TOOLS FOR HOMESTEADERS, GARDENERS AND SMALL SCALE FARMERS. Emmaus, Rodale, 1978, 512pp., paperback. Covers curled a bit. Good. Logsdon, Berry, Johnston, great chapter authors on specific equipment. Mind Altering.$13.00
12.Bricker, Garland. THE TEACHING OF AGRICULTURE IN THE HIGH SCHOOL. New York, Macmillan, 1911, 202pp., cloth (hardback). Cover scuffed. Good. Reason why, mostly, with a short course and lab section.$9.00
13.Brown, Bliss. MODERN FRUIT MARKETING. New York, Orange Judd, 1916, 283pp., cloth (hardback). Front hinge repaired. Very good. Complete treatise on harvesting, packing, storing, transporting and selling fruit. Forgotten knowledge.$25.00
14.Budd, J. L. & N. E. Hansen. AMERICAN HORTICULTURAL MANUAL PT. 1. New York, Wiley, 1914, 439pp., cloth (hardback). Cover scuffed, else vg. Very good. A wealth of knowledge$45.00
15.Bush, Carroll. NUT GROWERS HANDBOOK. New York, Orange Judd, 1946, 189pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ chipped, worn. Very good. A guide to successful propagation, Planting, Cultivation, Harvesting and Marketing Nuts$25.00
16.Carman, Harry ED. AMERICAN HUSBANDRY. Port Wash. NY, Kennikat Press, 1964, 582pp., cloth (hardback). As new. A reprint with commentary of the two volume, 1775 work on colony by colony agriculture.$30.00
17.Childers, Norman. MODERN FRUIT SCIENCE. New Brunswick NJ, Horticultural Publns., 1954, 960pp., cloth (hardback). Front hinge reinforced, else. Very good. One of the major influences in the field.$8.00
18.Chorlton, William. THE AMERICAN GRAPE GROWER'S GUIDE. New York, Saxton, 1856, 171pp., cloth (hardback). Spine chipped, conts. foxed. Good. Based on the American climate. Gives a short history of early growing problems.$36.00
19.Chorlton, William. THE AMERICAN GRAPE GROWER'S GUIDE. New York, Orange Judd, 1865, 204pp., cloth (hardback). Head piece gone to spine, blindstamp. Very good. Specifically for growing grapes in glass houses. Remarkable.$45.00
20.Coburn, F. D.. THE BOOK OF ALFALFA. New York, Orange Judd, 1912, 344pp., cloth (hardback). Rear hinge repaired, some rubs to cover. Very good. One of the most important crops or covers that one can rotate through the farm or garden.$15.00
21.Craig, R. A.. COMMON DISEASES OF FARM ANIMALS. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1915, 334pp., cloth (hardback). Ex-library. Good. Makes one wonder why we keep animals.....$6.00
22.Dahlberg, Kenneth. BEYOND THE GREEN REVOLUTION. New York, Plenum, 1979, 256pp., cloth (dustjacket). Dj light edge soiling. Very good. Ecology and politics of global agricultural development. Reading this one wonders how much longer Monocrops will survive?$12.00
23.Dahnke, Marye. THE CHEESE COOK BOOK. New York, Wynn, 1955, 232pp., paperback. Age darkened. Good. Cream Cheese and horseradish. No thanks.$5.00
24.Driver, Pehotan N.. PROBLEMS OF ZAMINDARI AND LAND TENURE RECONSTRUCTION IN INDIA. Bombay, New Book, 1949, 310pp., cloth (dustjacket). Rear hinge cracked. Good. Distribution and land divisions in India.$15.00
25.Faulkner, Edward. A SECOND LOOK. Norman, Univ. Okla, 1947, 193pp., 1st ed., cloth (dustjacket). Chipped and torn DJ. Very good. The sequal to Plowman's Folly. Why our soil is bankrupt.$15.00
26.Fuller, Andrew. THE ILLUSTRATED STRAWBERRY CULTURIST. New York, Orange Judd, 1862, 48pp., paperback. Spine and edge of cover darkened. Very good. Not normally found in the paperback edition. Excellent illustrations.$25.00
27.Fuller, Andrew S.. THE GRAPE CULTURIST: A TREATISE ON THE CULTIVATION OF THE NATIVE GRAPE. New York, Davies & Kent, 1865, 262pp., cloth (hardback). Head and tail worn, Grape leaf bright. Very good. Well illustrated guide. Fuller was one of the best.$50.00
28.Grant, Ulysses J.. RACES OF MAIZE IN VENEZUELA. Washington, Nat. Acad. Sci., 1963, 92pp., paperback. Sunned, ex-library. Very good. The photos tell it all. This isn't corn that WE know!!!$22.00
29.Gray, Alonzo. ELEMENTS OF SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE. Andover ma, Allen Morrill Wardwell, 1842, 368pp., cloth (hardback). Paper boards, cloth spine. Good. A wealth of information. Recognized that plants took in much more than rain water. Reasons for crop rotation!$50.00
30.Hall, A. D. and G. W. Robinson. THE SOIL. London, Murray, 1945, 322pp., cloth (hardback). Scuffs and light soil. Small cover spot. Good. Mentions the importance of mycelium. Early rational view.$5.00
31.Halsted, Byron. BARNS SHEDS AND OUTBUILDINGS. New York, Orange Judd, 1978, 240pp., cloth (dustjacket). Ffep loose dj rubbed. Very good. A reprint of a classic. Reasons why farm buildings are built THAT way.$20.00
32.Hardin, Charles. THE POLITICS OF AGRICULTURE. Glencoe IL, Free Press, 1952, 282pp., cloth (dustjacket). Poor condition DJ, cloth and conts. VG. Very good. Soil conservation and the struggle for Power in rural America.$5.00
33.Henderson, Peter. GARDEN AND FARM TOPICS. New York, Henderson, 1884, 244pp., cloth (hardback). Edgewear,tips frayed. Good. flowers, propagation, greenhouses, vegetables. Short and powerful sections.$10.00
34.Hill, Lewis. FRUITS AND BERRIES FOR THE HOME GARDEN. New York, Knopf, 1977, 269pp., cloth (hardback). As new. An excellent introduction for tree fruits, bush fruits and brambles.$5.00
35.Hodge, Carle. ARIDITY AND MAN. Washington, AAAS, 1963, 584pp., cloth (hardback). Very good. The challenge of arid regions in the U.S. Expect those regions are growing!$4.00
36.Ingham, Ray. GRASS SILAGE AND DAIRYING. New Brunswick, Rutgers, 1949, 88pp., cloth (hardback). One smudge. Very good. Reason why grass fed is better. Much of this is just being re-discovered.$8.00
37.Jackson, Wes. MEETING THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE LAND. San Francisco, North Point, 1984, 250pp., paperback. Light edge wear. Very good. With Wendell Berry and Bruce Colman. Essays in Sustainable Agriculture. Eye Opening.$12.00
38.Johnson, B. P.. TRANSACTIONS OF THE NEW YORK STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Albany, Van Benthuysen, 1869, 656pp., cloth (hardback). Edge rubbed, boards showing. Good. History of Society and cattle plates, Meat infestation and then extra illustrated history of plows.$20.00
39.Krohe, James. BREADBASKET OR DUST BOWL? THE FUTURE OF ILLINOIS FARMLAND. Springfield IL, Illinois Issues, 1982, 43pp., paperback. Bump and ink name on cover. Good. A series of articles pointing out all the deficienies of government in the defense of the soil. The soil is not something that one can mine!$5.00
40.Naj, Amal. PEPPERS. New York, Knopf, 1992, 245pp., cloth (hardback). As new. A story of hot pursuits. With the Reader's Digest article laid in.$15.00
41.Nearing, Helen and Scott. THE MAPLE SUGAR BOOK. White River Junc, Chelsea Green, 2000, 305pp., paperback. As new. Revisit the beginnings. With epilogue, bibliography and notes. Inspiring.$4.00
42.Nida, William. ELEMENTARY AGRICULTURE. Chicago, Flanagan, 1925, 294pp., cloth (hardback). Spine torn, ex library teacher college. Good. Surprising volume with great photos and illustrations. Much to recommend it.$10.00
43.Olson, Gerald. SOILS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. London, Chapman Hall, 1981, 178pp., paperback. Spine scuffed. Good. A guide to soil surveys and their applications. A neglected area of understandings.$5.00
44.Partridge, Michael. EARLY AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY. New York, Praeger, 1969, 47pp., cloth (dustjacket). Ex-library. Very good. Folio of color printed agricultural equipment through history. Antique.$7.00
45.Peer, F. S.. SOILING, SUMMER AND WINTER. Rochester NY, Author, 1882, 153pp., cloth (hardback). Front hinge repaired. Very good. Economy in feeding farm stock. A great deal of forgotten information.$20.00
46.Pellett, Frank. AMERICAN HONEY PLANTS. Hamilton IL, Amer. Bee Journ, 1920, 297pp., cloth (hardback). Tips rubbed, bent. Very good. Plants listed alphabetical. Photo illustrations.$28.00
47.Perrin, Noel. AMATEUR SUGAR MAKER. Hanover NH, Univ. Press N. E., 1972, 104pp., cloth (dustjacket). Lite soiling. Very good. The lore and details, joy and family time of Maple Syrup making.$6.00
48.Popenoe, Judson. TOBACCO CULTURE. New York, Orange Judd, 1884, 50pp., paperback. Margins darkend, spine chipped. Very good. A collection of prize winning essays. Scarce.$50.00
49.Prentiss, N.. MY VINEYARD AT LAKEVIEW. New York, Orange Judd, 1866, 143pp., cloth (hardback). Spine and covers rubbed, worn. Good. Published as anonymous, the author was recently determined. A folksy account.$225.00
50.Reemelin, Charles. THE VINE-DRESSER'S MANUAL. New York, Saxton, 1860, 103pp., cloth (hardback). A few marginal water stains. Good. Blind stamp cloth, head and tail wear. Illustrated treatise on vineyards and wine-making. Agric. Soc. library.$100.00
51.Rees, A. R. et. al.. CROP PROCESSES IN CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS. New York, Academic Press, 1972, 391pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ worn. Very good. Chapters on individual plant experiements. One on potatoes is interesting. Serious Physiology.$6.00
52.Robinson, Jo. PASTURE PERFECT. Washington, Vashon Island, 2004, 150pp., paperback. Very good. Far reaching benefits of grass fed animals. Sustainable$18.00
53.Robinson, William. MUSHROOM CULTURE. Philadelphia, McKay, 1920, 172pp., cloth (hardback). Spine a bit rippled. Good. General treatise on growing in bulk. Solid intro to large scale culture.$6.00
54.Ross, W. A. and Don Critchfield. PAINTING FARM BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT. New York, Lead Industries Assn., 1949, 178pp., cloth (hardback). A few paint splatters. Very good. If you can get past the lead, there's a wealth of painting knowledge$2.00
55.Ryan, William. WATER TREATMENT AND PURIFICATION. New York, McGraw Hill, 1937, 242pp., cloth (hardback). Single scratch to cover. As new. Early water works. THIS will be the limiting factor in the future.$8.00
56.Sanders, Alvin. SHORT-HORN CATTLE. Chicago, Sanders, 1918, 1021pp., cloth (hardback). Edge wear, conts clean and tight. Very good. One of the classics on cattle.$40.00
57.Schlebecker, John T.. THE USE OF THE LAND. Lawrence KS, Coronado Press, 1973, 218pp., cloth (hardback). Ex Library with a blind stamp. Good. Essays on the history of American agriculture. Great place to start.$12.00
58.Self, Peter and Herbert Storing. THE STATE AND THE FARMER. Berkeley, Univ. of California, 1963, 251pp., cloth (dustjacket). Jacket soiled. Very good. The changing state and effects of British agricultural policy$5.00
59.Shamel, Archibald. MANUAL OF CORN JUDGING. New York, Orange Judd, 1911, 72pp., cloth (hardback). As new. With the original glassine jacket. Great source of characters to breed toward.$22.00
60.Shepherd, Major W.. PRAIRIE EXPERIENCES IN HANDLING CATTLE AND SHEEP. New York, O. Judd Co., 1885, 215pp., cloth (hardback). Edgewear, head and tail rubbed. Very good. Gilt decoration bright. No romance here for cattle raising. Truths told.$200.00
61.Sweetman, Harvey. THE BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF INSECTS. Ithaca NY, Comstock, 1936, 461pp., cloth (dustjacket). Jacket faded and torn. Cloth. As new. An overlooked source of great wealth. Chapter on weed control too.$15.00
62.Van Dervoort, P. C.. BOOK OF THE ORCHARD LAWN AND GARDEN. Wilmington OH, New Antioch Nurseries, 1940, 48pp., paperback. Two tears at lower margin. Piece at bottom gone last pages. Good. B and W photos of specific varieties of all manner of fruit. Some heirlooms, today.$15.00
63.Vietmeyer, Noel. LOST CROPS OF AFRICA. Washington, Nat. Acad. Press, 1996, 383pp., paperback. No marks. As new. vol I of a study on rare plants. Template for success$3.00
64.Vogt, Evon. MODERN HOMESTEADERS. Cambridge MA, Belknap, 1955, 232pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ chipped, worn. Good. The life of a 20th Century frontier community. Change expands........$7.00
65.Waring, P. Alston & Walter Teller. ROOTS IN THE EARTH. New York, Harper, 1943, 202pp., cloth (dustjacket). Pieces missing from DJ. Very good. Louis Bromfield wrote a nice bit on the cover. The small farmer looks ahead.$7.00
66.Waugh, Frank. RURAL IMPROVEMENT. New York, Orange Judd, 1914, 265pp., cloth (hardback). Smudge on cover. Very good. Withdrawn stamp on titlepage, no other marks. Still applicable.$25.00
67.Williams, James. OUR RURAL HERITAGE. New York, knopf, 1925, 246pp., cloth (hardback). Tail with a crease, tiny. Very good. Social psychology of rural development. Rural renaissance is underway. This provides perspective.$8.00
68.Willis, Stephen. WEED CONTROL IN FARM AND GARDEN. London, Garden Book Club, 1954, 184pp., cloth (dustjacket). Light wear. Very good. While British, there's much to recommend this book. Tool pictures are valuable.$9.00
69.Wirzba, Norman ED. THE ESSENTIAL AGRARIAN READER. Lexington, Univ. Press Kentucky, 2003, 276pp., cloth (dustjacket). As new. An essential offering that explains what agriculture SHOULD be.$12.00
70.YMCA. APPLE GROWING IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. Portland, YMCA, 1911, 215pp., cloth (hardback). Worn and soiled Ex-library. Good. Outstanding geographic production. Great source of information.$11.50 Verteuil, Anne & Val Burton. PLANNING YOUR GARDEN. New York, Dutton, 1988, 191pp., cloth (dustjacket). As new. One of the best illustrated books I have seen. Fantastic coverage of all garden projects!$5.00
72.Free, Montague. PLANT PRUNING IN PICTURES. Garden CIty, Doubleday, 1961, 286pp., cloth (hardback). Hinges weak. Good. An valuable introduction to a tricky task.$8.00
73.Griffith, Mary. GARDENING ON NOTHING A YEAR. Boston, Hale Cushman Flint, 1937, 231pp., 1st ed., cloth (hardback). Spotting from age. Very good. Scattered internal foxing, Chapters on specific types and things to do in a garden. Has merit.$8.00
74.Henslow, T. Geoffrey. GARDEN INSTRUCTION. London, Quality Press, 1940, 324pp., cloth (hardback). Spine lite wear. Very good. Chapters on specific garden types. Rock, Herbaceous, water. Great ads in back.$7.00
75.Ortloff, H. Stuart & Henry Raymore. GARDEN PLANNING AND BUILDING. Garden City, Doubleday, 1945, 282pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ well worn. Very good. Detailed drawings. Better than Landscape Architecture.$8.00
76.Raimes, James. GARDENING AT GINGER. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 2006, 239pp., cloth (dustjacket). As new. Neat idea that shaping a landscape can re-shape us!!$5.00
77.Smith, P. Allen. COLORS IN THE GARDEN. New York, Clarkson Potter, 2006, 192pp., cloth (dustjacket). As new. A well photographed expose' with color palates and plant descriptions in tables.$7.00
78.Wagner, Harr. PACIFIC NATURE STORIES. San Francisco, Whitaker & Ray, 1901, 152pp., cloth (hardback). Paper covered boards rubbed, chipped. Good. With poems written on endpapers. Wildlife to seedlings, raisins and poppies to name a few.$13.00
79.Wallace, David. THE UNTAMED GARDEN AND OTHER PERSONAL ESSAYS. Columbus, Ohio State, 1986, 203pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ creased and worn. Good. An interesting natural history. 4 nice stipple engravings$4.00
80.Wyman, Donald. WYMAN'S GARDENING ENCYCLOPEDIA. New York, Macmillan, 1986, 1221pp., cloth (dustjacket). Spot on foredge, else new. Very good. Massive amount of information. A few illustrations.$7.00

81.Abraham, George & Katy. ORGANIC GARDENING UNDER GLASS. Emmaus, Rodale, 1975, 308pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ sunned, worn. Good. An early approach to seasonal vegetables.$6.00
82.Alwan, Ron and Andy Shapiro. LOW COST PASSIVE SOLAR GREENHOUSES. Butte MT, Nat Ctr Appr Tech, 1980, 173pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ chipped and torn. Very good. Well illustrated design and construction guide$25.00
83.Faulkner, R. P.. COMMERCIAL HORTICULTURE IN GREENHOUSE AND NURSERY. London, Pearson, 1947, 172pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ worn and chipped. Good. An excellent introduction for under glass. Small Holder Series. Great titles in the run.$14.00
84.Hix, John. THE GLASS HOUSE. Cambridge, MIT, 1974, 208pp., cloth (dustjacket). As new. Greenhouses in all their sizes, forms and uses.$25.00
85.Jones. HOW TO BUILD GREENHOUSES, GARDEN SHELTERS AND SHEDS. New York, Harper Row, 1978, 240pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ edge wear. Good. A Popular Science book. Very well illustrated. Wealth of projects.$14.00
86.Kains, M. G. and L. M. McQuesten. PROPAGATION OF PLANTS. New York, Orange Judd, 1945, 639pp., cloth (hardback). Age rubbed. Good. Growing from seeds, layers, grafting, budding for nursery and greenhouse management$8.00
87.Langhans, Robert. GREENHOUSE MANAGEMENT. Ithaca, Halcyon, 1980, 239pp., cloth (hardback). Good. Some notes and highlighting. Many unusual ideas for cost savings in a scholarly book.$5.00
88.Mastalerz, John. THE GREENHOUSE ENVIRONMENT. New York, Wiley, 1977, 629pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ chipped and worn. Very good. A massive text with encyclopedic coverage.$40.00
89.Metropolitan Material Co.. METROPOLITAN GREENHOUSES. Brooklyn NY, Metropolitan, 1950, 48pp., paperback. Very good. Great illlustrations of fancy to modest houses, with general plans.$10.00
90.Neal, Charles. BUILD YOUR OWN GREENHOUSE. Radnor PA, Chilton, 1975, 130pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ rubbed. Very good. Lots of how to wire and pour concrete, somewhat uncontaminated by greenhouses$12.00
91.Pierce, John. HOME SOLAR GARDENING. New York, Van Nostrand, 1981, 164pp., cloth (dustjacket). Conts. browned. Very good. Great drawings, filled with ideas.$12.00
92.Scheller, William. SUCCESSFUL HOME GREENHOUSES. Farmington MI, Structures, 1977, 134pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ cloth and conts. As new. Measured drawings, great photos. Valuable.$8.00
93.Shapiro, Andrew. THE HOMEOWNER'S COMPLETE HANDBOOK FOR ADD ON SOLAR GREENHOUSES. Emmaus, Rodalw, 1985, 355pp., cloth (hardback). Tips bumped. Very good. Excellent design features. You will want the one on the cover!!!$15.00
94.Shewell Cooper, W. E.. THE ABC OF THE GREENHOUSE. London, English Universities, 1962, 320pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ scuffed and frayed. Very good. Great idea for heating spaces. Dedicated to flower production.$8.00
95.Sudan-skira, Sylvia and Michel Saudan. ORANGERIES PALACES OF GLASS. Cologne, Evergreen, 1994, 215pp., cloth (dustjacket). Folio. As new. History and development of these estate size structures.$20.00
96.Taft, L. R.. GREENHOUSE CONSTRUCTION A COMPLETE MANUAL. New York, Orange Judd, 1917, 210pp., cloth (hardback). Spine tail rubbed. Very good. Sections on hotbeds, frames and plant pits are optimal!!$18.00
97.Woods, May and Arete Warren. GLASS HOUSES. New York, Rizzoli, 1988, 216pp., cloth (dustjacket). As new. Big history of famous houses. Europe and America.$30.00
98.Wright, W. J.. GREENHOUSES THEIR CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPMENT. New York, Orange Judd, 1946, 269pp., cloth (hardback). Rubs to edges. Very good. From small structures to boiler heating systems. Comprehensive.$10.00

99.Anderson, Frederick. HOW TO GROW HERBS FOR GOURMET COOKING. New York, Meredith, 1967, 280pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ sunned, else. Very good. recipes, plus some GREAT knot garden designs.$5.00
100.Bacon, Richard. THE FORGOTTEN ART OF GROWING, GARDENING AND COOKING WITH HERBS. Dublin NH, Yankee, 1972, 125pp., paperback. Worn and faded. Good. Well illustrated. Great selection of how to use.$4.00
101.Edinger, Philip. HOW TO GROW HERBS SUNSET BOOK. Menlo Park CA, Lane, 1982, 80pp., paperback. Tips creased. Very good. Tells one what to do with Costmary! Good intro.$4.00
102.Fritts, Frank and Ralph Gwinn. FIFTH AVENUE TO FARM. New York, Harper, 1938, 282pp., cloth (hardback). Worn EX-Library. Lots of checkouts. Good. A biological approach to the Problem of Civilization's survival. Check the date please.$4.00
103.Goodspeed, Thomas H.. THE GENUS NICOTIANA. Waltham MA, Chronica Botanica, 1915, 536pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ sunned, cloth and conts as new. Very good. Origins, Relationships and evolution of the species using distribution, morphology and cytogentics$60.00
104.Hamel, Paul. CHEROKEE PLANTS THEIR USES. none, none, 1975, 72pp., paperback. Edges soiled. Good. A 400 history of plant use.$3.00
105.King, Frances. PLANTS, PEOPLE, AND PALEOECOLOGY. Springfield IL, Illinois State Museum, 1984, 224pp., paperback. Covers with edges creased. Very good. Interesting introduction to plant dissemination, then tables of plants, their uses by individual indigenous cultures.$18.00
106.Loehr, Rev. Franklin. THE POWER OF PRAYER ON PLANTS. Garden City NJ, Doubleday, 1959, 144pp., cloth (dustjacket). Jacket rubbed, else. Very good. Experiments and observations.$4.00
107.Moulton, Mary. THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS. St. Charles IL, Kennington House, 1962, 32pp., paperback. Lite soil. Very good. Say it with flowers has a whole new meaning. Dedicated to May Watts.$15.00
108.Phipps, Frances. COLONIAL KITCHENS, THEIR FURNISHINGS, AND THEIR GARDENS. New York, Hawthorn, 1972, 346pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ lower edge worn, torn. Very good. First account based on settler's journals and travel diaries!$8.00
109.Squires, Mabel. THE ART OF DRYING PLANTS AND FLOWERS. New York, Bonanza, 1958, 258pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ, cloth, conts. Very good. All sorts of methods, agents, mixed agents..... Unusual.$4.00
110.Taylor, Norman. COLOR IN THE GARDEN AND FRAGRANCE IN THE GARDEN. New York, Van Nostrand, 1953, 118pp., cloth (hardback). Spine sunned. Very good. Excellent designs with bloom cycles. 110 page Frangrance portion of the book unique.$4.00
111.Veninga, Louise and Ben Zaricor. GOLDENSEAL ETC.. Santa Cruz, Ruka Publns., 1976, 193pp., paperback. Soiled light wear. Good. The pharmacognosy of wild herbs. History and formulas$6.00
112.Woodward, Marcus. GERARD'S HERBAL THE ESSENCE THEREOF DISTILLED. London, Spring, 1964, 303pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ browned and chipped. Very good. A few of the illustrations included. Margins of pages tanned.$7.00

113.Balmori, Diana et. al.. BEATRIX FARRAND'S AMERICAN LANDSCAPES. Sagaponack, Sagapress, 1985, 215pp., paperback. Very good. Great photos and plans for BIG gardens$11.00
114.Berrall, Julia. A HISTORY OF FLOWER ARRANGEMENT. New York, Studio, 1953, 160pp., cloth (hardback). Very good. Detailed study of all styles in time and place. Great illustrations.$5.00
115.Boggs, Kate. PRINTS AND PLANTS OF OLD GARDENS. Richmond, Garrett & Massie, 1932, 101pp., cloth (hardback). As new. Amazing compilation showing garden beds, species components and sources.$12.00
116.Brooks, F. T.. IMPERIAL BOTANICAL CONFERENCE. Cambridge, University Press, 1925, 390pp., cloth (hardback). Good. One loose signature at back. Wood block book plate. Divided by botanical discipline.$10.00
117.Caird, James. PRAIRIE FARMING IN AMERICA. New York, Appleton, 1859, 130pp., cloth (hardback). Spine darkened, marginal water stains. Good. With notes of practices in Canada and the U. S. Great observations. Lacks the folding map.$85.00
118.Coggeshall, Howard. HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW. Utica, Author, 1920, 8pp., paperback. Sewn paper. Very good. A reprint from the book of Knowledge, Erra Pater, from Dunahm and True, 1796. Neat$50.00
119.Coggeshall, Howard. HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW. Utica, Author, 1944, 8pp., paperback. Sewn paper. Very good. A reprint from the book of Knowledge, Erra Pater, from Dunahm and True, 1796. Neat$50.00
120.Curwen, E. Cecil. PLOUGH AND PASTURE. London, Cobbett Press, 1946, 122pp., cloth (dustjacket). DJ chipped and worn, conts. Very good. the origins of agriculture and husbandry, with excellent examples.$5.00
121.Cushing, Elizabeth. JOURNAL OF THE NEW ENGLAND GARDEN HISTORY SOCIETY. Boston, Mass Hort Soc, 1996, 72pp., paperback. Upper corner with uniform bend. Good. Vol. 4 Spring 1996. Interesting articles by the best in the field. Book reviews too.$6.00
122.Eastman, E. R.. WALKING THE BROAD HIGHWAY. Ithaca NY, American Agriculturist, 1956, 211pp., cloth (hardback). Printed cover. Very good. Homespun tale of farming to editing the American Agriculturist. Fascinating.$10.00
123.Ewan, Joseph. ED. A SHORT HISTORY OF BOTANY IN THE UNITED STATES. New York, Hafner, 1969, 174pp., cloth (hardback). As new. Chapters by specialists on all the major discinplines of botany.$8.00
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125.Fite, Gilbert. AMERICAN FARMERS THE NEW MINORITY. bloomington, indiana univ., 1981, 265pp., cloth (dustjacket). Very good. Farmers became a minority group in America as city technology grew.$6.00
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305.Turner, Mark and Phyllis Gustafson. WILDFLOWERS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. Portland, Timber, 2006, 512pp., paperback. Stiff colored wraps. As new. A Peterson style field guide with GREAT photos. Color coded.$6.00
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315.Stevenson, George. TREES OF THE EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK AND FLORIDA KEYS. Miami, Banyan, 1981, 32pp., paperback. Edges faded. Very good. Illustration of leaf types for quick I.D.$8.00
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317.Symonds, George. THE TREE IDENTIFICATION BOOK. New York, Quill, 1958, 272pp., paperback. Very good. Photos of specific characters of each tree. Unique.$5.00
318.Walker, Laurence. TREES AN INTRO TO TREES AND FOREST ECOLOGY. Englewood, Prentice Hall, 1984, 310pp., paperback. Lite edgewear. Very good. Specific uses of the trees as well. Black Locust!!!$5.00

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320.Hambidge, Gove. SOILS AND MEN YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1938. Washington, USDA GPO, 1939, 1232pp., cloth (hardback). Scuffs and rubbs. Very good. With the fold out soils map. Massive resource$6.00
321.Mason, Charles. REPORT OF THE COMISSIONER OF PATENTS, AGRICULTURE. Washington, Wendell, 1857, 536pp., cloth (hardback). Spine worn, hinges cracked, weak. Fair. With the 3 color plates, one soiled map and the 46 engraved animals and tools. A wealth of information.$20.00
322.Stefferud, Alfred. WATER THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1955. Washington, GPO, 1956, 751pp., cloth (hardback). Light wear. Very good. The sleeping resource that no one recognizes. Stamp from Senator Dirksen's Office.$4.00
323.Stefferud, Alfred. SOIL THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1957. Washington, USDA GPO, 1958, 784pp., cloth (hardback). Nice. Very good. Updates for the 1938, with in depth soil chemistry. Office of Barry Goldwater$5.00
324.Stefferud, Alfred. AFTER ONE HUNDRED YEARS YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1962. Washington, GPO, 1963, 688pp., cloth (hardback). Spine a bit rubbed, else clean, tight. Very good. pp 679 - 681 front margin creased. History of 100 years of the department.$5.00
325.Stefferud, Alfred. TREES THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1949. Washington, GPO, 1950, 944pp., cloth (hardback). A bit worn, conts. tight. Very good. Provides an overview of this essential resource.$3.00
326.Stefferud, Alfred. MARKETING THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1954. Washington, GPO, 1955, 506pp., cloth (hardback). Small spots to front cover. Very good. Dated but valuable for the ideas on commodities.$5.00
327.Stefferud, Alfred. SCIENCE IN FARMING 1943 - 1947. Washington, GPO, 1947, 944pp., cloth (hardback). Light wear. Clean and tight. Very good. Covers the war years. A wealth of information.$7.00
328.Stefferud, Alfred. FOOD THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1959. Washington, GPO, 1960, 736pp., cloth (hardback). Soiled cover. Very good. What food contains, and how to best utilize the nutrition.$2.25
329.Stefferud, Alfred. CROPS IN PEACE AND WAR YEARBOOK 1950 - 1951. Washington, GPO, 1952, 942pp., cloth (hardback). Clean and tight. Very good. Agriculture becomes a science of commodities.$6.00
330.Stefferud, Alfred. GRASS THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1948. Washington, GPO, 1948, 892pp., cloth (hardback). Inner hinge starting at title page. Good. From pastures, to haying, airfields and recreation.$3.00
331.Stefferud, Alfred. POWER TO PRODUCE THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1960. Washington, USDA GPO, 1961, 480pp., cloth (hardback). Nice. As new. Mechanization of agriculture.$4.00
332.Stefferud, Alfred. INSECTS THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1952. Washington, GPO, 1953, 780pp., cloth (hardback). Minor soiling. Very good. An outstanding reference work. With 72 color plates of specific insect pests.$8.00
333.Stefferud, Alfred. LAND THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1958. Washington, USDA GPO, 1959, 605pp., cloth (hardback). Slight fading. Very good. The one item of critical use that governs even soil and water.$5.00
334.Stefferud, Alfred. PLANT DISEASES THE YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURE 1953. Washington, USDA GPO, 1954, 940pp., cloth (hardback). Tips worn through. Good. Valuable color photos at back. Diseases listed by plant type.$3.00

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